Who Am I?

I am many things. I am an artist, a writer, a musician, a performer.

But they’re irrelevant. I am just a mirror.

The real buddha is found in the reflection. 

The purpose of this sight is to bring about awareness through a self-directed journey into your own experience. We can never know another’s world as intimately as we can know our own and this site’s mission is to help guide you through that process without deceptively flowery language and fluff.  Self-analysis is painful and challenging, but with persistence and love, it is the most rewarding and necessary path to stepping into your individual expression. This site explores topics related to spirituality, personal development, mind-expansion, consciousness, love, respect, relationships, meditation, mediation, being human, acceptance, science, psychology, society, truth, personal growth, mindfulness, individuation, dreams, hardships, fears, pain, suffering, patience, despair, concentration, manifestation, (and so on…) all with a common thread of careful, contemplative introspection. Some core themes are:

Honesty- You are your expression. Accept who you are.

Questioning- The only worthless question is the one unasked.

Courage- It is never wrong to do what’s right.

Unity- Embrace the difference to find the similarities.

Love- A loaded word with a lot of meanings. What does it mean to you?

Persistence- Continuing on in the face of hardship.

Wisdom- There are many missteps along the way. Never stop learning.

I believe that you already posses all of these things and in measurable quantities. I believe you to already be wise enough to have come down, or at least be contemplating, a path of self-reflection. I am not advocating a particular belief system, nor philosophy, nor religion. I am not encouraging you to do anything but question.  I don’t need you to believe what I believe. I don’t need you to think like I think.  I just want you to know you.  For the purposes of self-analysis, you are the only person that matters.  You are the real buddha.